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Webinar: A board only exists when it is meeting. This means that the single most precious commodity that a board possesses is its time together. The best boards consciously strive to use their meeting time efficiently and effectively.
Webinar: The first thing any effective board or leadership group does is decide how it will make decisions. Further, effective boards develop different, clearly defined processes to make decisions of different magnitudes. Yet, many boards have never had an explicit conversation about or developed multiple approaches to this most critical of governance functions — their decision making. This webinar will outline several different, practical and effective decision making techniques to expand your board’s tool kit of processes and techniques for making effective decisions.
Presenter Luanne R. Stout addresses these and other questions to help determine the level of governance leadership your organization needs to build and sustain high-performing boards. In this webinar Stout outlines the components of a well-designed plan for governance, the roles of governance leaders and the knowledge and skills required at increasing levels of governance responsibility. She discusses factors boards and organizations should consider in determining the type and level of governance leadership they need. She also suggests questions to consider in making this determination in today’s dynamic, high-stakes health care governance environment.
In this webinar governance expert Jamie Orlikoff reviews the rationale for board board chair evaluation, and outlines the step by step process for establishing an effective and productive board chair evaluation process.
Presented by Kaufman Hall’s Anu Singh, this webinar provides guidance for hospital and health system boards to strategically consider:
This webinar: Makes the case for health system engagement in multi-sector initiatives for improving community health. Discusses challenges system boards and leadership teams will likely have in participating in community health improvement. Makes recommendation for consideration by health system boards and leaders to make community health improvement an organizational and governance priority.
Webinar Getting the Most Out of Philanthropy: How to Reinvent the Foundation Board Health care organizations have a strategic opportunity to reposition philanthropy—also known voluntary charitable giving— to be a sustainable and growing revenue resource with an exceptional return on investment.
Webinar Leadership and Board Continuity: The Keys to Lasting Organizational Performance  
Topics: Using Competencies in Trustee Selection, Competency-Based Trustee Selection in Action, Using Competencies to Transform Governance
Webinar Making Effective Decisions in Times of Uncertainty and Change: What Boards Need to Know  
Looking for tips to create – and keep – the board of your dreams? Wondering if that dream can ever become a reality? Curious to know how you can possibly create the board of your dreams if your board members are appointed or placed on your board rather than elected by current directors?
This webinar outlines key questions for boards to ask and approaches to take to clarify an explicit role and job description for the board chair.
Webinar Board Meetings: How to Drive Effective Board Dynamics The format of a board agenda can either drive effective strategic discussion or can stifle it. Presbyterian Health Plan (PHP) in Albuquerque, NM, put together an ad hoc committee that redesigned its board meetings to allow more time for strategic topics, streamlined the consent agenda, moved to using a board portal and iPads and created a role for the vice chair to observe the interactions of board members and provide feedback on the effectiveness of the board dynamics.
This webinar recording offers a different approach to new member orientation. You’ll hear about a set of action steps that can help your organization develop a conscious, ongoing orientation process – one that helps the entire board form a high-functioning team much faster as each new trustee comes on.
Webinar Tax-Exempt Hospital Requirements: "Community Health Needs Assessments"  
This webinar provides specific examples of and practical tools used by the highest-performing boards as they move toward five categories of advanced governance practices: Visionary, Strategic and ‘System’-focused; Nimble, Streamlined and Clear; Intentional, Disciplined and Consistent; Competency-based, Educated and Evaluated; and Objective, Transparent and Accountable.
This webinar examines the best practices of CEO succession planning in a health care setting. Bill Westwood, Senior Client Partner, Korn Ferry presents a thorough description of the process to follow to ensure that succession planning is smooth, efficient and objective. He offers specific recommendations for the roles that each party plays in the process, and what risks should be avoided. Board members, incumbent CEO's and potential CEO's will learn how to prepare for and execute succession planning in their organizations.
To prepare for leadership succession, boards must identify talented leaders within the organization, take steps to retain them and develop them well for future roles.
This webinar explores elements of fund development where volunteer leaders are most effective, what enables this effectiveness and how trustees and board members can optimize their engagement in advancing philanthropy.
This webinar considers who gives to health care, why they are drawn to the cause and how organizations can support engagement of those most likely to give.