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AHA Reports and Resources

Boardroom Brief: How Boards Can Support Workforce Behavioral Health

This document intends to educate and raise awareness for trustees about suicide prevention and the role that hospital and health system boards can play in this very important public health issue. It also provides useful resources for boards to initiate a conversation about reducing the risks of and preventing suicides in the health care workforce.

Enterprise Risk Management for Health Care Boards: Leveraging the Value

Boards will be asked to make decisions as health care delivery models continue to evolve. Leaders must be willing to appropriately embrace entrepreneurial risk and pursue risk-bearing strategies. ASHRM's Enterprise Risk Management for Health Care Boards: Leveraging the Value outlines how health care organizations and their boards, by employing Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) practices, can better anticipate, recognize and address the myriad risks associated with the transformational changes now occurring in the field.

The Pandemic: A Time of Challenges and Champions

The AHA Living Learning Network’s The Pandemic: A Time of Challenges and Champions reveals and honors the extreme conditions hospitals and health systems have faced during COVID-19 and the heroic efforts made by health care workers across the country. It offers an intimate behind-the-scenes look at this remarkable time in history as told by hospitals and health systems through commentaries, stories and images. A must-read for everyone impacted by COVID-19.

Sample Board Demographic/Attribute Profile Matrix

This infographic was adapted from “Recruiting for a Diverse Health Care Board,” by Karma H. Bass (Trustee Insights, Dec. 2020).

Fast Facts: U.S. Rural Hospitals Infographic

A new infographic provides a quick overview on the number of rural hospitals in the U.S. Rural hospitals are those hospitals not located within a metropolitan area as defined by the U.S. Office and Management and Budget and the U.S. Census Bureau.

Final Recommendations: Future of Rural Health Care Task Force

AHA’s Future of Rural Health Care Task Force has released a report with recommendations for long-range solutions for improving rural health and health care in America. Read more for the innovative solutions and promising practices for care delivery, as well as models to ensure the financial stability of rural hospitals and access to care for rural residents.

2021 AHA Advocacy Agenda

The AHA released the 2021 Advocacy Agenda, a forward-looking document designed to positively influence the public policy environment for patients, communities and the health care field.

2019 AHA National Health Care Governance Survey Report

To provide a deeper longitudinal view of health care organization governance, the survey, conducted in 2018, continued to gather data on a variety of questions about board membership, structure and practices. Similar to the 2014 survey, this one also continues to examine findings across all respondents and by system, system subsidiary hospital and freestanding hospital boards.