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The sample dashboards that follow provide examples for a multihospital system as well as a single community hospital.
The patient experience reflects the organization’s culture. The board must foster a culture that supports employees and providers to deliver the best possible experience time after time.
Hospitals large and small recognize the value of special protocols and services for older patients who seek emergency care.
While your organization may strive to improve safety, patient experience, workforce engagement and clinical quality as discrete performance domains, your leadership — and your resources — may be convened around multiple strategies and action plans. Without a single strategy that aligns improvement efforts and acts on the interdependencies of vertical domains, siloed planning can undermine workforce coordination and sustainable change.
Sustainable change requires a strategy to align improvement efforts and act on the interdependencies of four performance domains.
Boards need to assess troubled areas in their organizations, set goals for improving the culture, and hold leaders accountable for change.
Boards can foster patient-centered care by encouraging meaningful conversations during patient encounters and by incentivizing clinicians.