Improving Community Health: An Emerging Priority for Health System Governance

Community health improvement is moving beyond health and medical care to encompass a variety of social determinants of health, such as lifestyle behaviors, diet and nutrition and environmental factors, which can have a significant impact on health status.  Effectively addressing these complex social issues is beyond the capacity of any single individual or organization.

This webinar:

  • Makes the case for health system engagement in multi-sector initiatives for improving community health.
  • Discusses challenges system boards and leadership teams will likely have in participating in community health improvement.
  • Makes recommendation for consideration by health system boards and leaders to make community health improvement an organizational and governance priority.

This webinar also provides examples of how health systems, in collaboration with other community partners, are taking a leadership role in improving the health of the communities they serve.


Lawrence Prybil is a Professor at the University of Kentucky and Professor Emeritus at the University of Iowa.  He has held senior executive positions in two large nonprofit health systems and served on the governing boards of hospitals, health systems, the American Hospital Association and other nonprofit and investor-owned organizations.

Michael D. Connelly is CEO Emeritus of Cincinnati-based Mercy Health, where he retired in January 2017 after 22 years as CEO. He has served on more than 20 boards and has been the Chair of Premier, CHA and CMMB. He is recognized for his leadership in mergers and acquisitions, quality/safety, physician development and governance.