Population/Community Health

Suicide Prevention Health Systems Making Suicide Prevention a Priority AFSP’s Christine Moutier and Maggie Mortali discuss programs and tools that support health care workers By Sue Ellen Wagner Intervie
Suicide Prevention How Boards Can Support Suicide Prevention Initiatives Hartford HealthCare’s Marissa Sicley-Rogers and Jennifer Ferrand discuss their Zero Suicide Initiative
The AHA provides links to population health resources for boards.
How collaboration with community partners and identification of resources allowed Carroll Hospital to improve coordinated behavioral health services.
To move the needle on community health, hospitals and health system boards are recognizing the importance of aligning their organizational efforts and partnering with others in their communities.
To address gaps in care, hospitals and health systems are analyzing and sharing data and deploying outreach and resources through cross-sector partnerships.
Disparities in COVID-19 outcomes serve as an important reminder for trustees and senior leaders to reinforce the work in our communities to address underlying causes of health disparities.
Continually improving community health should be part of the DNA of a health care organization and its board.
Boards can advocate for policy changes or ways to harness community resources.
Presented by Kaufman Hall’s Anu Singh, this webinar provides guidance for hospital and health system boards to strategically consider: