Governance Effectiveness

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Leadership DevelopmentPursuing Board Chair Excellence: Four Examples of Board Chair Selection Show What Can Go Right … or WrongGreat governance rarely happens without a great board chair. Yet too often, insufficient attention is paid to ensuring that chairs are well suited for this critical role.
QualityExample Experience ScorecardAdapted from “The Board’s Role in Health Care Experience,” by Laura Orr and Katie Owens (Trustee Insights, Dec. 2023).
QualityThe Board’s Role in Health Care ExperienceTrustees have an opportunity to elevate their organization’s outcomes and performanceBy Laura Orr and Katie OwensIt is a pivotal time for our industry to assure the well-being and sustainability of health care organizations.
Sue Ellen Wagner shares takeaways from the AHA 2022 National Health Care Governance Survey Report, a survey of hospital and health system CEOs.
This webinar focuses on quality and patient safety, specifically on the importance of board involvement.
Leaders from Northwestern Medical Center in Vermont share how their CEO transition plan helped accelerate success and ensure a smooth changeover.
Health Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Quality Oversight, Health Equity and the Community Board’s Role Four core areas can be leveraged to institute meaningful change By Brad Clarke The imperative for health care providers to strive for health equity for their…
Board Responsibilities Elevate Your Facilitation Skills Guidance for board and committee chairs By Kimberly McNally Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions before or during chairing a board or committee meeting?