Fiduciary Duties

Nov 8, 2021
Fiduciary Duties Fiduciary Responsibilities of Hospital Trustees Key areas of financial oversight to consider By Glenn Jensen and Kathleen Cahill Slaught Increasingly, hospitals and health systems, along with the individuals serving on their committees and governing boards, are seeing t
Feb 7, 2019
These are exciting and challenging times for board members of not-for-profit health care organizations. The main driver of this state of affairs is a field-wide transformation that promises to result in better quality, higher value, and population health improvement. Most board members see this as…
Aug 16, 2018
The organization’s most important stakeholders have been identified/specified. A descriptive/analytic profile has been prepared for each key stakeholder. The interests (needs/wants, expectations and organizational success criteria) of each stakeholder have been documented.
Jan 1, 2017
This Conflicts of Interest and Documentation Policy (“Policy”) applies to all directors and officers of ....
Jan 1, 2017
Boards that want to improve their approach to conflicts of interest and independence management do the following...
Jan 1, 2008
The following document is intended to be an example that boards should adapt to meet their individual needs.