Physician Issues

Physician Strategy It’s Time to Rethink Your Board’s Physician Strategy Catching up to disruptive market forces by Charles A. Peck, M.D., and Alexander M.
Physician Engagement A Governance Model to Get Physicians on Board Creating a healthier work environment by Kevin Manemann and Karma H.
Health care leaders are learning more about burnout and working together to better address it.
With training and support, physicians can become effective team leaders.
Oversight of an employed physician network is a new and evolving role for your board. Focus on five key issues, and adopt three best practices, to help the network succeed.
This report shares findings from a study of governing physician organizations in developing systems of care. The study is among the first to explore this work from the perspective of physicians, who talk candidly about issues and challenges and provide insights about the evolution of physician…
Reprinted with permission from Virginia Mason Medical Center.
Patient satisfaction scores are important metrics; they draw attention to the subjective experience of patients who received care from a hospital.
Analytics can be a tool for constructively engaging physicians in health systems’ transition to value
CEOs need to target and develop physicians to play leading roles in health care transformation. Perhaps the greatest challenge health care organizations face over the next decade is physician engagement. As integration and value-driven care continue to advance, physician leaders will be…