Board Infrastructure

Board Support New Positions Focus on Care and Management Job Description Includes Recruitment, Orientation and Involvement By Joel F. Emrich Board management is demanding work. Add the complexity of hospitals, health systems and humans into the mix and the demands only rise over time.
Board Responsibilities Participation is Not Optional A board that engages 100% of its membership results in effective governance By Kimberly A. Russel Are there members of your board who never speak during board meetings?
While continuing to respond to the COVID-19 crisis, hospital and health system boards can use this experience to strengthen leadership, engagement and trust.
Up-to-date, clearly written and concisely constructed bylaws can support oversight of current performance and enable an organization to nimbly confront challenges to its viability.
Presenter Luanne R. Stout addresses these and other questions to help determine the level of governance leadership your organization needs to build and sustain high-performing boards. In this webinar Stout outlines the components of a well-designed plan for governance, the roles of governance…
This webinar outlines key questions for boards to ask and approaches to take to clarify an explicit role and job description for the board chair.
This is a sample committee charter: people and culture committee.
The governance challenges raised in the post-Enron environment are motivating many boards and their general counsels to draft new board policies and tighten up existing ones.
In most professions, there are clear and relatively consistent pathways along one’s career continuum, as well as clearly defined experiential and educational requirements. Not so with health care governance staffing, which ranges from board support provided by a CEO’s assistant all the way to a…
Some 66 percent of U.S. hospitals are now part of health systems, according to 2016 survey data from the American Hospital Association. As systems continue to grow in scope and complexity, their governance often follows suit.