Mapping Your Business Strategy

In health care, there is no more business as usual. Health care organizations today face new challenges, and opportunities, from retail players, technology startups, consumerism and others. This gatefold exerpts two infographics from The Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Developments’ study “Bridging Worlds: The Future Role of the Healthcare Strategist.”

Their report offers thought leadership into how health care organizations should approach strategic planning in the coming years. It is both goal-oriented and tactical in nature, and offers new insight into how hospitals and health systems should understand, react to, and anticipate broad marketplace trends. Copies of the full report, as well as “Evolving Strategy Landscape” and “Attributes, Skills, and Tools for the Future Strategist” posters, are downloadable at:

The Strategy Landscape in Action

Jeffrey Kraut: Senior vice president, strategy and business informatics North Shore-LIJ Health System, Manhasset, N.Y.

"The strategy landscape has been a useful tool in recent strategy meetings with our business units and in discussions with our senior management and trustees. We used 11x17 printouts of the landscape as placemats during our meetings. It’s helped to start the discussion, providing a look at the overall health care environment. We then led the discussion to which objectives are currently impacting us the most and to which objectives we should give more consideration. It improves our ability to focus on the challenges we will need to confront and the changes we will need to make going forward. It’s an indispensible tool."

Download a PDF of the full gatefold