Policy on Board Composition and Recruitment

Governance responsibilities today are so significant that board members must bring more than commitment to the mission and interest in serving. As William Bowen writes, every trustee should bring a “specific competence or experience needed on the board.” This sample provides a board policy statement on competency-based recruitment, election and re-election of board members. Use it to customize a process for your board.


To ensure that the Board possesses the competencies necessary for effective board performance.


Board members will be elected based on a demonstrated record of possessing the specific qualifications and competencies necessary for effective governance.

Board members eligible for election to another term will be evaluated on their performance as a trustee and their ability to contribute a competency that is still needed by the organization.

Term limits will be strictly followed to ensure a regular infusion of new individuals who bring needed competencies, provide fresh thinking and keep governance connected to the stakeholders.

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