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11 Principles for Health System Governance

Oct 14, 2021
A WellSpan Health task force developed meaningful principles that signaled a changed approach to governance at the health system.

Team-Based Care Creates Value

Oct 14, 2020
Assembling a team of health care providers from diverse professional backgrounds has the power to improve value for hospitals and for patients particularly during COVID-19.

Top 10 Emerging Trends in Health Care for 2021: The New Normal

Dec 14, 2020
Continued disruption will require health care boards to adapt their governance models to adapt to the unprecedented times.

Increasing a Board’s Strategic Competency

Jun 29, 2021
Health care boards that invest the time in discussing strategy can position their organization for success.

Recruiting for a Diverse Health Care Board

Nov 10, 2020
Adding diverse members to a hospital’s or health system’s board can change the board’s culture for the better.

Using Board Meeting Time Wisely

On-Demand Educational Webinars
Nov 26, 2019
Webinar: A board only exists when it is meeting. This means that the single most precious commodity that a board possesses is its time together. The best boards consciously strive to use their meeting time efficiently and effectively.

Fiduciary Duties, Conflicts of Interest and Independence Refresher

Trustee Articles
Feb 7, 2019
These are exciting and challenging times for board members of not-for-profit health care organizations. The main driver of this state of affairs is a field-wide transformation that promises to result in better quality, higher value, and population health improvement. Most board members see this as a positive move for their organization and community, since their missions often speak to the need to improve the health of the communities they serve.

New Approaches to Effective Board Decision Making

On-Demand Educational Webinars
Oct 7, 2019
Webinar: The first thing any effective board or leadership group does is decide how it will make decisions. Further, effective boards develop different, clearly defined processes to make decisions of different magnitudes. Yet, many boards have never had an explicit conversation about or developed multiple approaches to this most critical of governance functions — their decision making. This webinar will outline several different, practical and effective decision making techniques to expand your board’s tool kit of processes and techniques for making effective decisions.

Board Chair Performance Evaluation

On-Demand Educational Webinars
Jun 28, 2019
In this webinar governance expert Jamie Orlikoff reviews the rationale for board board chair evaluation, and outlines the step by step process for establishing an effective and productive board chair evaluation process.