Policy on Consent Agendas




To expedite the conduct of routine business during board meetings in order to allocate more meeting time to education and discussion of substantive issues.


1. The consent agenda should consist of routine financial, legal and administrative matters that require board action.
2. Consent agenda items are expected to be non-controversial and not requiring of discussion.
3. The consent agenda generally is voted on in a single majority vote, but it may be divided into several, separate items.
4. Motions, resolutions and all supporting materials for the consent agenda should be sent to board members at least one week in advance.
5. The consent agenda should be considered early in a board meeting. The Chair will ask if any member wishes to remove an item from the consent agenda for separate consideration, and if so, the Chair will schedule it for later in the meeting.
6. The board will assess the use of consent agendas by means of a question on its self assessment survey.

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