Physicians Key in Value-Driven Environment

Reprinted from Healthcare Executive JAN/FEB 2015

Executive and board support is needed for physician leadership that lasts.

Collaborative leadership with physicians will be essential for hospitals to successfully create and maintain agile organizations that can compete in the rapidly changing healthcare landscape. From traditional leadership roles to new responsibilities, clinician participation and input is crucial for making logical and lasting changes in care delivery.

It falls to the C-suite and the board not only to demonstrate commitment to developing and supporting physician leaders, but also to provide the vision and resources to hold the course.

Although relatively few physicians serve in executive leadership roles, identifying those who are willing to lead may not be a daunting task because physicians have their own reasons for effecting change. However, because engaging physicians in leadership is a key strategy for success in today’s value-driven environment, healthcare executives and boards must work together to pave the way for successful physician leader development. Some physicians are eager to make the transition— more than you may realize.

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