Nurses in the Boardroom

By Kimberly McNally

Transformational change is occurring rapidly as hospitals and health systems move to valuebased care delivery focused on the Triple Aim— better care, better health and lower cost. To achieve these aims, exceptional leadership at the CEO and board levels is essential. Governance experts suggest that high-performing boards are composed of individuals with a variety of professional backgrounds, life experiences, and personal characteristics to ensure that diversity of opinions and independent thought are present during important deliberations.

A board member/trustee with a nursing background brings a unique voice to governance conversations focused on the Triple Aim. Nurses bring expertise in and valuable perspectives about community health, quality, safety, patient experience, workforce development, staff engagement and financial stewardship. Nurses can offer new ideas to address challenges and frame opportunities as health care transformation occurs. This article discusses the value nurses bring to the boardroom and suggests ways to recruit a trustee with a nursing background.

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