Board Self Evaluation

Regular board self-evaluation is integral to effective governance. Use the questions in the attachment to assess whether your board is getting maximum mileage from its self-evaluation process.


1. Is your self-evaluation questionnaire based on recognized best practices for effective governance – or does it rate satisfaction against an undefined or subjective standard?

2. Is the questionnaire customized for your board, for example, reflecting whether it’s a hospital or a health system board, and whether it’s part of a system or is freestanding?

3. Is the questionnaire comprehensive, covering at least these areas:

a. Board responsibilities for:

  • Financial performance and long term financial planning
  • Strategic planning
  • Quality of care and customer service
  • Mission effectiveness and community benefit
  • CEO evaluation
  • Corporate compliance and audit

b. Formal components of effective governance:

  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Board and committee structure, size and responsibilities
  • Board information and education
  • Board composition and diversity
  • Relationships with the CEO, medical staff and other key stakeholders
  • Board and committee agendas and meetings
  • Board culture, including questions about participation and candid discussion

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