Governance Quality and Resources to Improve it

Twice a year, the American Hospital Association’s Center for Healthcare Governance convenes board and C-suite members for education and discussion and, twice a year, governance consultant Jamie Orlikoff throws icy water in our collective faces with his provocative opening presentations. He points out looming hazards, urges adoption of best practices and delivers truths like the one we heard in February: "The quality of governance that was sufficient to get your organization where it is today will be insufficient to get it where it needs to be tomorrow." Terrified yet? You don't have to be. These three AHA resources are just what you need to further your development and improve your governance performance.

1. 2015 Health Care Talent Acquisition Environmental Scan. This AHA Career Center report looks at how forces shaping health care will influence physician, nurse and staff hiring. It's filled with stats on job markets, skill sets and diversity.

2. Health Forum webinars. Free with registration, these webinars deliver top-quality education from industry experts on executive compensation, insurance exchanges and more. Health Forum is the media, education and data arm of the AHA (and Trustee’s publisher).

3. Scanning the Headlines. The AHA Resource Center is a terrific clearinghouse for health administration information. Its Scanning the Headlines section provides up-to-date bibliographies on 23 topics including access and coverage, end-of-life care and patient safety.

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