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Redefining the Physician’s Role as Care Team Leader

Trustee Articles
With training and support, physicians can become effective team leaders.

The Unique Influence of Foundation & Governing Board Members in Advancing Philanthropy

On-Demand Educational Webinars
This webinar explores elements of fund development where volunteer leaders are most effective, what enables this effectiveness and how trustees and board members can optimize their engagement in advancing philanthropy.

Who Gives to Health Care Organizations?

On-Demand Educational Webinars
This webinar considers who gives to health care, why they are drawn to the cause and how organizations can support engagement of those most likely to give.

What Makes Your Organization Special?

Using insights on humanizing brand experience, boards can better engage health care consumers and maintain and build trust in a post-COVID-19 world.

Trustee Insights Archive Editions

Trustee Insights I Archive includes previous editions of the AHA’s enhanced digital resource for hospital and health system boards and leadership. This robust ­monthly digital package includes insights and analysis on the changing dynamics in the health care field and what they mean for boards, as well as other rich resources to help achieve high-performing governance.

Increasing a Board’s Strategic Competency

Health care boards that invest the time in discussing strategy can position their organization for success.

Improving Community Health: An Emerging Priority for Health System Governance

On-Demand Educational Webinars
This webinar: Makes the case for health system engagement in multi-sector initiatives for improving community health. Discusses challenges system boards and leadership teams will likely have in participating in community health improvement. Makes recommendation for consideration by health system boards and leaders to make community health improvement an organizational and governance priority.

Developing Creative Affiliations for New Capabilities

On-Demand Educational Webinars
Presented by Kaufman Hall’s Anu Singh, this webinar provides guidance for hospital and health system boards to strategically consider:

Board Diversity Survey to Advance Health Equity

Understanding a board’s aptitude and ability to advance health equity should be a key element of board strategy.