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Responding to a Community Mental Health Crisis

How collaboration with community partners and identification of resources allowed Carroll Hospital to improve coordinated behavioral health services.

Improving Community Health: An Emerging Priority for Health System Governance

On-Demand Educational Webinars
This webinar: Makes the case for health system engagement in multi-sector initiatives for improving community health. Discusses challenges system boards and leadership teams will likely have in participating in community health improvement. Makes recommendation for consideration by health system boards and leaders to make community health improvement an organizational and governance priority.

A Trustee's Guide to Population Health: Building New Foundations Linking Care with Community

The six videos and discussion guide included in this resource are designed to provide trustees with an overview of population health strategies, the foundational capabilities that health care leaders are using to redesign care, the importance of developing new partnerships, as well as specific actions for how trustees can participate with their organization’s leadership team to advance health within their community.

Building a Governing Board Strategy on Diversity and Health Equity

Nine executives and board members interviews describing how their organizations are prioritizing diversity and health equity with actionable results.

Boardroom Brief: How Boards Contribute to a Safe Workplace and Community

This brief intends to raise awareness about violence as a public health issue and provides resources for boards to work with hospital and health system leaders to build safer workplaces and communities.

Board Diversity Survey to Advance Health Equity

Understanding a board’s aptitude and ability to advance health equity should be a key element of board strategy.

The Importance of Governing Boards in Developing a Behavioral Health Strategy

Hospital and health system boards can play a significant role in developing and guiding behavioral health strategy and working with community partners to address unmet health needs in the community and expand access to services.

11 Principles for Health System Governance

A WellSpan Health task force developed meaningful principles that signaled a changed approach to governance at the health system.

Creating Age-Friendly Health Systems

Hospital and health system trustees can help move forward an evidence-based framework to achieve better health for an aging population with complex care needs.