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Strategic Planning Podcasts

Feb 1, 2021
Strategic Planning Podcasts

Strategic Philanthropy Planning

Feb 14, 2019
Strategic Philanthropy Planning

The Foundation Board's Role in Strategic Planning

Trustee Articles
Jul 2, 2019
Setting strategic direction is a basic governance role of the foundation board. The board is responsible for determining the mission, vision and values that are the bedrock of the organization’s strategic framework. The board represents stakeholder interests, so it serves a valuable role in sharing community perspectives and expectations to guide planning. The board must ensure the organization’s goals position it to fulfill the organizational mission and to advance its vision.

Increasing a Board’s Strategic Competency

Jun 29, 2021
Health care boards that invest the time in discussing strategy can position their organization for success.

Don’t Forget the Big Strategic Picture

Jun 29, 2021
Focused, strategic discussions in the boardroom can support organizational excellence.

Board and Management Roles in Strategic Planning

Trustee Articles
Aug 14, 2018
Most boards and governance experts say boards should be meaningfully involved in shaping and ultimately approving the strategic plan and major decisions—but if they try to develop plans, they’re bordering on management. The tricky part is distinguishing meaningful involvement from development.

Forecasting Shifts in Strategic Priorities Amid COVID-19

Sep 10, 2020
With the future anything but clear, strategic thinkers, consultants and tech gurus have begun to reimagine the field’s future and what opportunities lie ahead.

Strategic planning: Physicians needed

Sep 11, 2017
In the era of value-based purchasing, including physicians in the development of strategy has never been more crucial.

Are hospital boards paying enough attention to strategic planning?

May 14, 2018
In the 2017-2018 Public Company Governance Survey conducted by the National Association of Corporate Directors, 600 directors of publicly traded companies we