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The Ever-important Role of Hospital Community Boards

Sep 8, 2023
Community governance is more critical today than ever before considering recent, often fast-moving trends and changes in the U.S. health care market. Nonprofit hospitals and health systems that double down on strong community governance not only have increased likelihood of staying true to their mission, but also have distinct strategic advantages over those that do not.

Trustee Insights Archive Editions

Sep 9, 2021
Trustee Insights I Archive includes previous editions of the AHA’s enhanced digital resource for hospital and health system boards and leadership. This robust ­monthly digital package includes insights and analysis on the changing dynamics in the health care field and what they mean for boards, as well as other rich resources to help achieve high-performing governance.

From Surviving to Thriving

Sep 7, 2023

Health Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Podcasts

Oct 27, 2020
A list of podcasts from the AHA on health equity, diversity, and inclusions.

Disrupting the Health System from Within

Jun 2, 2023
The core mission of health systems is at risk of disintermediation and commoditization by health plans, private equity, retail and big tech

Strategic Planning Podcasts

Feb 1, 2021
Strategic Planning Podcasts

Evidence-Based Approaches Make Succession Planning More Intentional and Effective

Aug 1, 2022
Proper hiring of people at all levels needs to be done with a focus on succession planning. Hiring should not be done in a vacuum and must weigh the short- and long-term departmental and broader organizational needs. Leaders need to surround themselves with others whose skills complement their own.