Achieving Stronger Physician Engagement

Reprinted from Healthcare Executive sept/oct 2013

By Mary K. Totten and John R. Combes, MD

Today’s value-focused healthcare environment is demanding closer relationships between hospitals and physicians. It is unlikely that a one-size-fits-all model will emerge for successfully building these relationships. However, it is clear that hospitals and physicians will need to move along the path from alignment to engagement to integration in order to achieve the higher levels of cost and quality performance that delivering better value and outcomes requires.

In their recent publication Organizational Culture, Clinician Engagement and Physician Integration: Keys to Success authors William F. Jessee, MD, FACMPE, and David D. Rowlee, PhD, define and discuss key influencers of physician engagement. Jessee, senior vice president and senior advisor, and Rowlee, senior vice president of the engagement opinion survey service line with INTEGRATED Healthcare Strategies, also believe that providing the leadership needed to achieve greater physician engagement begins with the organization’s chief executive.

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