2018 Sample Board Composition Policy

This resource was developed by ACCORD LIMITED.


Consistent with the significance ABC Health System (ABC) has placed on the board of directors, it is essential that the board be composed of individuals of high moral standards and supportive of the ABC mission and vision.

The ABC board of directors will promote effective governance by using an explicit, criteriabased process for the recruitment, selection, and reappointment of well-qualified individuals to serve on the board and standing committees of the board that allow for nonboard members to serve.

The board is responsible for ensuring that boards and committees at ABC are composed of individuals drawn from a cross-section of the communities and constituencies served by the system and who bring to their responsibilities:

• Commitment to the mission of the health system

• Personal integrity

• Leadership qualities

• Competencies (i.e., areas of knowledge, skills and perspectives) that contribute to effective governance

• Diversity of geographic representation, gender, age and ethnicity that help the board to understand and connect with the populations the health system serves.

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