Using the Baldrige Criteria to Improve Governance Assessment

Ensuring Responsible Governance

Organizations pursuing Baldrige recognition must demonstrate how they carry out their governance in eight areas of responsibility. They must answer questions such as:

 • How do you govern your organization and fulfill your societal responsibilities?

• How does your organization review and achieve the following…?

» Accountability for senior leaders’ actions

» Accountability for strategic plans

» Fiscal accountability

» Transparency in operations

» Selection of governance board members and disclosure policies for them, as appropriate

» Independence and effectiveness of internal and external audits

» Protection of stakeholder and stockholder interests, as appropriate

» Succession planning for senior leaders

• What are your results for governance accountability?

• What are your key current findings and trends in key measures or indicators of governance and internal and external fiscal accountability, as appropriate?

The table attached below illustrates how a board might “hardwire” Baldrige criteria into their governance structure and practices.

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