Telehealth Board Discussion Questions

Hospital and health system boards and leadership can advance their understanding of telehealth and how it fits into organizational priorities by considering the following questions:

  1. To what extent is our hospital/health system currently providing telehealth services, including the capability to remotely monitor patients?
  2. What benefits do or could our patients, clinicians and organization as a whole experience from the provision of telehealth services? (Sample benefits might include: enhanced care quality, better access to care, greater satisfaction with the patient care experience, lower costs, etc.)
  3. How might our capability to provide telehealth services affect our organization’s ability to continue to deliver quality, cost-effective, accessible care for patients?
  4. What are the key risks and challenges that affect our organization’s provision of telehealth services and how are we addressing them? (Issues might include: coverage/ payment limitations; professional licensure and credentialing issues; online prescribing requirements; malpractice and professional liability insurance coverage; privacy, security and fraud and abuse issues; access to broadband technology, etc.)

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