Strategic Planning Committee Sample Charter



Introductory Comment

An increasing number of boards are moving away from having a standing committee on strategic planning. They reason that the entire board should understand and have a role in major decisions about the organization’s strategic direction, programs and services. In the past, this was often not feasible if a board was large or its meetings were consumed with routine matters. However, as boards downsize to a manageable number of members and handle routine business in a consent agenda, they often find they can address substantive strategic issues at full board meetings. Under this model, short- term task forces are formed to address strategic issues that require more focused study prior to bringing a matter to the full board.

However, there may be sound reasons to have a Strategic Planning Committee. The board may be too large for thorough strategic discussions. The committee may provide a useful forum for board members, executives and physician leaders to share views on strategic issues.

Each board should determine whether it needs a Strategic Planning Committee, or whether these functions would be better performed by the full board.

Overall Roles and Responsibilities

The Strategic Planning Committee assists the board with its responsibilities for the organization’s mission, vision and strategic direction.

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