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An emergency succession plan may never be used, but it’s still a necessity for every hospital. A key function of every board is to ensure that effective leadership is in place so that the institution it governs can continue to achieve its mission, vision and strategic goals.
Four basic rules can help boards make better executive compensation decisions. While boards and their compensation committees do a good job of overseeing executive compensation, there are several common flaws in what is otherwise a strong process.
This is the second in a series of collaborative leadership tools for CEOs. The first one presented a new model of collaborative leadership.This one focuses on clarifying trustees’ and CEOs’ expectations of each other. It includes a simple exercise for helping trustees and CEOs refine the way they work together.
Collaborative Leadership: A New Model For Developing Truly Effective Relationships Between CEOs and Trustees is the first in a series of tools developed specifically for you, the hospital or health system CEO, to help you take the lead in dealing with this change in ways that will stabilize and strengthen relationships with your board.