Managing Capital Project Risks in a Challenging Environment


In the wake of unprecedented capital construction and technology spending, the meltdown of financial markets, and other health care market dynamics, it is time for renewed risk management by the C-suites and boardrooms of hospitals and health care systems.

This monograph discusses today’s market environment, current capital market perspective and related risks, and then outlines a project management approach and questions that must be addressed to help board members and executives more effectively manage capital project risks while achieving organizational strategies and goals.

This publication includes information and insights as well as tools, references and other resources that can help boards and executives more confidently participate in the heightened oversight, scrutiny and decision-making about capital projects needed in the current economic environment. It can be used in a variety of ways, including as background for a board retreat or educational session focusing on strategic planning and capital spending; as a resource for board Executive and Finance Committees or other board subcommittees charged with overseeing planning and implementation of capital projects; and for health care organization executives involved in these activities as well.

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