Governance Committee Charter



Overall Roles and Responsibilities

The Governance Committee provides for the board’s effectiveness and continuing development.


The specific responsibilities of the Governance Committee include:

• Recommending to the board policies and processes designed to provide for effective and efficient governance, including but not limited to policies for:

  • Evaluation of the board and the chairperson.
  • Election and reelection of board members.
  • Board orientation and education.
  • Succession planning for the board chair and other board leaders.

• Reviewing and recommending a position description detailing responsibilities of and expectations for board members and the board chairperson.

• Recommending nominees for election and reelection to the board.

To facilitate this responsibility, the committee will:

  • Develop and recommend to the board a statement of the competencies and personal attributes currently needed on the board, to be used as a guideline for recruitment and election of board members.
  • Conduct a “gap analysis” to identify succession planning/recruitment needs.
  • Develop and regularly update a list of potential board members regardless of whether a current vacancy exists.
  • Oversee a process for vetting the fitness of prospective nominees.
  • Develop and oversee a plan for enhancing board diversity.
  • Evaluate the performance of individual board members eligible for reelection


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