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How Boards Can Encourage Philanthropy to Benefit Hospitals and Communities

May 10, 2022
Hospital and health system trustees who want to ensure the organization achieves its mission can work to put a greater focus on their organization’s philanthropic foundation.

Trustee Insights Archive Editions

Sep 9, 2021
Trustee Insights I Archive includes previous editions of the AHA’s enhanced digital resource for hospital and health system boards and leadership. This robust ­monthly digital package includes insights and analysis on the changing dynamics in the health care field and what they mean for boards, as well as other rich resources to help achieve high-performing governance.

Philanthropy and Strategic Direction

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Jan 1, 2014
Executives, trustees and physicians should be the leading advocates of philanthropy.

Systemization of Health Care Philanthropy 2.0

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Mar 3, 2020
The next curve of systemization is leveraging additional opportunities to achieve greater synergy across health care organizations.

Pursuing Philanthropy During COVID-19

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Apr 7, 2020
Hospital and health system boards can harness the power of philanthropy during the COVID-19 crisis.

Getting the Most Out of Philanthropy: How to Reinvent the Foundation Board

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Jun 28, 2019
Webinar Getting the Most Out of Philanthropy: How to Reinvent the Foundation Board Health care organizations have a strategic opportunity to reposition phi

Roles & Responsibilities of the VP of Philanthropy

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Jul 2, 2019
The VP of Philanthropy’s overarching responsibility is to promote philanthropic investment by donor partners in the health care organization in order to advance the mission. However, the role encompasses far more. Together with the foundation board and health care CEO, this individual works with internal and external constituencies to build a culture of philanthropy that goes beyond transactional fundraising to build lasting, fruitful relationships rooted in a shared vision.

Regionalization and Systemization in Philanthropy

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Jul 2, 2019
The health care field is changing. Hospitals are partnering with other health care providers and experimenting with new ways to create centers for excellence, as well as better integrate care within the community. By finding non-traditional ways to move care into communities, hospitals become more accountable and patients can experience improved wellness, expanded services and access to even better quality care. These activities can also involve mergers and acquisitions. These changes can affect areas of the organization responsible for advancing philanthropy.

Strategic Philanthropy Planning

Feb 14, 2019
Strategic Philanthropy Planning