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How Children’s Minnesota Makes DEI Efforts a Priority

Sep 9, 2021
Through leadership and board support, Children’s Minnesota is making DEI efforts a strategic priority.

Financial Turnaround Needs Board Oversight

Aug 2, 2022
boards must become more involved in the oversight of the financial turnaround of their organizations than they did in past periods of lessor financial challenge. This may involve a board monitoring levels of detail that would have previously been inappropriate. But, when a hospital or system is facing an existential threat, it becomes a governance issue and it is appropriate and necessary for a board to engage more deeply than it did in the past.

Effective Governance of Health Systems

Apr 5, 2022
Governing a health system is different than governing a stand-alone hospital. All health system boards oversee and attempt to integrate different businesses regardless of the type of system they govern.

Board Diversity Survey to Advance Health Equity

Sep 9, 2021
Understanding a board’s aptitude and ability to advance health equity should be a key element of board strategy.

Eliminating Harm, Improving Patient Care: A Trustee Guide Video Series

Jun 7, 2019
The four video modules, discussion guide and self-assessment tool illustrate the important role that trustees play in the journey to improve patient care. They serve as a tool for all trustees to use as they work towards the goals of improving quality within their organizations and improving the health of their patients and communities they serve.

How and Why to Increase Board Diversity

Jul 13, 2015
Board diversity has lagged behind the growth of increasingly diverse communities. This article looks at the advantage of having a diverse board and how to begin having discussions around building one and doing the work to create a diverse board.

Safety and the Road to COVID-19 Recovery: The Role of the Board

Jun 9, 2020
As hospitals and health systems across the country begin and continue the “recovery” process during the COVID-19 outbreak, the AHA is keeping you updated with the latest information and resources. An important area to address is the role of governing boards as hospitals and health systems resume delivering comprehensive health care services.