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In-Person Events
Feb 14, 2019
View information on upcoming AHA conferences, include the AHA Rural Health Care Leadership Conference, the AHA Annual Membership Meeting, and the Accelerating Health Equity Conference.

AHA 2022 National Health Care Governance Survey Report

Jan 19, 2023
AHA’s 2022 National Health Care Governance Survey report describes board structures, composition, culture, diversity and other board practices.

Trustee Insights Archive Editions

Sep 9, 2021
Trustee Insights I Archive includes previous editions of the AHA’s enhanced digital resource for hospital and health system boards and leadership. This robust ­monthly digital package includes insights and analysis on the changing dynamics in the health care field and what they mean for boards, as well as other rich resources to help achieve high-performing governance.

Using Investment Governance to Achieve Financial Excellence

Nov 4, 2022
Significant financial stresses and the impact of economic and market conditions on investment portfolios are leading more boards of top hospitals and systems to re-evaluate their financial governance.

Effective CEO Performance Evaluation

Feb 25, 2021
Following key strategies for effective CEO performance appraisals are essential to the health care board’s role.