5 Competencies for CEOs

By Deborah J. Bowen

When your board hired your organization’s CEO, the competencies the CEO possessed likely were a major factor in the selection process. However, many of those same skills are not sufficient to lead the hospitals and health systems of tomorrow.

Though certain basic skills, such as financial and other traditional abilities, remain necessary, the business model is changing rapidly. CEOs who navigate in this environment have to think differently about the challenges their organizations face in a transformative health care environment and the solutions that can be applied. With that in mind, your next CEO should possess a collaborative leadership style and the ability to effectively manage the shifting health care dynamics.

Tomorrow’s Work Paradigm shifts are occurring at all levels in health care. For health care organizations, areas of transformation primarily fall into six categories:

  1. Health care focus
  2. Care delivery
  3. Types of goals
  4. Rewards
  5.  Delivery settings
  6. Leadership capabilities

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