Trustee Involvement Application

The AHA has numerous avenues for trustee involvement and participation in the Association’s governance, grassroots advocacy, policy development, and field leadership initiatives.

Appointments for trustees are available on two AHA committees annually – the Committee on Governance (COG) and the Regional Policy Boards (RPBs). The COG is a national committee comprised of trustees while the Regional Policy Boards are regional committees comprised of CEOs, physicians, and trustees.

Other opportunities for trustees that go through the interview and selection process arise on AHA constituency section committees, task force committees, and ad hoc groups.

The AHA 2019 Invitation for Trustee Involvement and AHA Trustee Involvement Application will soon be available. Although candidates from across the country are welcome to apply for At-Large and other openings, Regions 3, 6, and 9 will need more trustees than usual due to those in current positions reaching term limits. See the AHA Region Map for the states comprising each region.

The application period will re-open in January of 2019 for positions that begin in January of 2020.  For more information on Trustee Involvement opportunities, please contact Rita Harmata, AHA Director of Trustee and Community Leadership, at