Become a Contributor I Trustee Insights is an electronic board resource package produced twelve times per year and distributed to more than 70,000 recipients.

Who reads Trustee Insights?

Our audience includes hospital or health system governing board presidents; governing board chairpersons; board vice presidents or vice chairpersons; board treasurers or board secretaries; other board members and executive staff; and readers from other health care–related businesses.

How can my article best serve Trustee Insights’ readers?

Trustees are citizens with diverse professional backgrounds who guide our communities’ most important institutions. Trustee Insights serves these readers by providing resources to help them understand the most pressing issues in health care and governance and then hold executive leadership accountable to the organization’s mission of serving the community.

Trustee Insights typically publishes two types of articles as follows:

  • Pieces that educate trustees about health care issues, such as clinical care, quality and patient safety, finance, health care reform, physician relations, and information technology. Because trustees are not involved in the daily management of the health care enterprise, all articles should offer a high-level look at these issues.
  • Pieces on governance that address specific board tasks (such as creating effective agendas, orientations or retreats), or other matters (such as resolving board conflicts, meeting legal/fiduciary responsibilities, and succession planning).

What types of articles are published?

Each issue contains a mix of feature stories and departments:

  • Issues & Trends (1,500-1,750 words): Feature stories that address the “what” and “why” of a health care strategic opportunity or challenge, and that include discussion questions or other mechanisms to facilitate board engagement.
  • Practical Governance (1,300-1,450 words): Shorter features that offer actionable steps for addressing issues related to board composition, board practices or board performance.
  • Viewpoint (950-1,050 words): Editorials that offer new ideas or thinking to the field, or a new take on current thinking.

What is the submission process?

  • Step 1: E-mail to present a story idea and brief biographical statement. This is an essential step and will help you avoid writing an article or commentary that may not be accepted because we either have a similar piece in house or ran something recently on the same topic.
  • Step 2: Develop a working title and a three-to-four-sentence concept statement for editorial review. If your article idea is accepted, we may also ask for a detailed outline (at least two, and preferably three levels of detail on what the piece will cover) for internal review. The outline ensures that the article covers all the bases expected in the submission and helps avoid significant rewrites or major changes to the submission. We will also assign a word count and a deadline at least two months in advance of our publication date.
  • Step 3: Submit the article by the deadline. The text for the article and a brief author bio (name, title, organization, e-mail address) should be submitted electronically, ideally in Microsoft Word. No article will be officially accepted for publication until after all contributors have signed a Contributing Content Agreement and the editors have reviewed the finished manuscript. The editors will provide a draft Content Agreement for each contributor’s review before the article idea is accepted.

What else do I need to know?

  • When possible, please use real or hypothetical examples to illustrate points you wish to emphasize.
  • Choose narrow topics with which you have a lot of experience.
  • Take time to read recent articles in Trustee Insights to become familiar with the publication’s focus and tone.
  • Trustee Insights is not an academic publication and prefers not to publish references, except by prior arrangement with the editors. References should be incorporated into the article body, but only if deemed absolutely necessary to the topic at hand. However, the vast majority of articles will be expert commentaries that do not require references.
  • Tables, figures and illustrations should be simple and few in number. Please place them at the end of the electronic document and send additional copies of each in its original (native) file.
  • Please do not submit manuscripts that are being considered elsewhere for publication or that have already been published in any format, print or digital – including any pieces published on the contributor’s own website. • Please do not submit manuscripts that exceed the assigned word count.
  • Articles should be strictly informational and not at all promotional. Trustee Insights will not promote commercial products or services in its editorial content, either explicitly by name or implicitly by association with the contributor and/or the contributor’s organization.