March 2017 Webinar

Active Board Succession

Unprecedented change and uncertainty in healthcare are forcing healthcare boards to adapt. One essential is active and proactive board succession—assessing what skills and competencies are (and will be) needed in a chair and trustees, developing current members, aggressively recruiting new ones, and casting a wide net for trustees with new skills and capabilities. Succession can be an uncomfortable topic for a board. This webinar provides guidance for boards to creatively consider succession and ensure the right skills and composition for the organization’s future. Objectives include:

  • Outline factors forcing boards to prioritize succession.
  • Provide rules of thumb that are fundamental for board member development and succession.
  • Consider new and emerging skills and capabilities needed in trustees.
  • Develop strategies for casting a wide net for dynamic new members.


Jena Abernathy is a senior partner and managing partner/chair of Board Services for the executive search firm Witt/Kieffer. Jena coaches candidates and assists clients in identifying board members, CEOs, presidents and other c-suite leaders for hospitals, health systems, academic medical centers, and foundations, as well as manufacturing, distribution and healthcare corporations. Jena is a former executive and has held senior-level positions at organizations including Fisher Scientific International and Premier, Inc., a national alliance of 2,300 hospitals and health systems. She is the author of The Inequality Equalizer: Want It, Claim It, Own It - and Maximize Your Career Success, published in June 2016 by Ankerwycke/American Bar Association.